We have always used the most appropriate and fit-for-purpose systems to manage our business and to assist clients. Over time, we have developed standard business systems to ensure excellence in work delivery for our clients.

RADAr is a job based management system that captures our proven know-how on efficiently delivering a maintenance program. RADAr, standing for RESOURCE, ACTION, DATA, AREA and REPORTS, is a multi disciplined, multi area job management system. The system is applicable to virtually all types of multi job projects. It utilises Simple English Task Language (SETL) where each job is described and managed via reference to the SITE, LOCATION, OBJECT and TASKS associated with any job.

Unique features include the ability to manage jobs over single or multiple post codes (this version operates Australia wide). RADAr can be used as either a simple job management system or a complex system depending on the requirements of the user. It is suitable for both customer and supplier use as a maintenance management system.